Introducing Saffron 10

We are thrilled to introduce Saffron 10, the first cognitive computing platform that learns, reasons and anticipates, just like the human brain. Saffron 10 enables organizations to embrace “The Intelligence of Every 'Thing'” by delivering automaticity of data sensemaking to all devices.

Saffron 10's unique "Thought Processes" provide enhanced pattern and anomaly detection combined with the natural anticipatory qualities of human decision making. The result - Saffron 10 is the cognitive fabric between humans, businesses and machines.

The Natural Intelligence Platform

Saffron Technology combines the power of computing with brain-like intelligence to make sense of data and anticipate future trends and events. The platform learns incrementally and adapts in real time, ingesting data from disparate sources and automatically connecting the dots to illuminate the knowledge that really matters. Saffron enhances the speed

and volumes at which data can be processed but also critically improves the accuracy of results. Businesses using Saffron can anticipate market trends, optimize processes, mitigate risk, personalize customer experiences or find new revenue streams.

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The Cognitive Fabric between People, Businesses and Machines


People are at the core of Saffron's culture. Our team gathers some of the world's greatest experts in the field of neuroscience, cognitive computing and physics.

From both research and commercial backgrounds, these experts are building one of the most advanced cognitive computing platforms in the world.