Saffron Featured in CIO Review

Saffron combines brain-like intelligence with the power of computing to find meaning in data and anticipate future scenarios, but at scales that far exceed human capabilities. CIO Review interviewed CEO Gayle

Sheppard about how Saffron’s unique Natural Intelligence Platform helps companies outperform in the market place by managing their risk and identifying opportunities to create more value.

The Natural Intelligence Platform


Saffron reads any type of data and unifies data resources to reveal actionable insights.


Saffron learns in real-time, continuously and adapts when context changes.

Simple to Use

Saffron doesn't require months of training. It illuminates actionable insights to inform decisions.


Saffron learns from prior experiences to anticipate and suggest future outcomes.

Very Fast

Saffron doesn't require heavy installation or models. It analyzes data on the fly.

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Saffron Learns and Anticipates

Saffron Technology combines the genius methods of the human brain with the power of computing to enable more informed decisions in every data-intensive field.


People are at the core of Saffron's culture. Our team gathers some of the world's greatest experts in the field of neuroscience, cognitive computing and physics.

From both research and commercial backgrounds, these experts are building one of the most advanced cognitive computing platforms in the world.