At Saffron we are dedicated to building cognitive systems that work more like the way we work, that think more like the way we think. We believe software and computers should adapt to humans, not the other way around. We admit we aren’t there yet. We’ve been working on this since 1999 and accelerate achievement of this goal with every release.

We are inspired by the associative recall and reasoning capabilities of the human brain. As humans, we are blessed with the best natural intelligence tools available. Our brains allow us to reason from knowledge of our or others’ prior experiences, to recognize when something new and different is occurring, to see similarities and dissimilarities, to determine closeness or distance to the issue at hand, and to automatically use this information to anticipate what will happen next. Our brains perform these capabilities without requiring pre-defined rules or models or by reducing the amount of data that can be used. It is about our experience – whether learned through reading, listening or derived from the outcomes of actions taken. Human learning and reasoning is the gold standard for cognitive computing and the inspiration behind Saffron’s cognitive technology.

Why does this matter?
We used to keep stored data for compliance. Now we want to analyze data for competitive advantage. But data does not represent competitive advantage. Rapid, accurate knowledge exploitation does. The ability to “know” what your intelligent enterprise knows, before making a decision, is competitive advantage. The ability to combine our experience of the past, with a current situation or event, to anticipate the future and what to do about it, is competitive advantage.

How does Saffron work?
Similar to how our own brains work, Saffron captures and stores the associations between people, places and things from all data sources – structured and unstructured, data warehouses, word documents, social media, open source news, emails, calendars, twitter and any other form of data. And just like our own brains work, Saffron uses these connections, their frequency counts and the context in which they occurred to make sense of the world.

Our brains naturally see and store these associations and retrieve them as connection, similarity, time and geospatial patterns. We count frequencies of associations naturally. We know if someone is a close friend or a casual social acquaintance. And Saffron, just like our brains, reasons in real time, but without rules or models to bound our thinking, instead we “see” everything in context of a connection, a question, or a matter, leveraging all similar prior experience to anticipate what will happen and/or how to respond to a current situation.

The Proof is in the Return on Investment and Mission
That’s what Saffron’s Natural Intelligence Platform does for our Customers. They in turn achieve rapid return on investment and mission. Examples include self-funding their Saffron implementation in less than 90 days, 10x return on their investment year after year, and an operational tempo in decision making that improves the time to know “what we know” from weeks to minutes.

Download Saffron Executive Summary PDF

Jim Fleming

Jim Fleming

Chief Software Engineer, President and Co-Founder

    Chris Sailer

    Chris Sailer

    Vice President Professional Services

      Ian Hersey

      Ian Hersey

      Chief Product Officer

        Gayle Sheppard

        Gayle Sheppard

        Chairman and CEO


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