Saffron Technology partners with corporations, government agencies and universities to co-develop new technology, commercialize industry-specific research and analysis and applications, or deliver strategically competitive data analysis solutions to our mutual customers. In every relationship, the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform helps our partners and customers discover and manage The World of Experience inside their data, so they save time and money, and increase productivity. To learn more about Saffron’s alliances, review the links below. To explore becoming a Saffron partner, please contact us.

Value Added Resellers


Together CDG and Saffron deliver enhanced sense-making, decision support and predictive analytics support, combined with data management leadership and solutions implementation power. Economic impacts on defense policy and procurement practices are driving aerospace and defense companies to become far leaner and smarter in their operations than ever before. For some, it’s a matter of survival. CDG is leveraging this state-of-the-art technology from Saffron to help its customers drive significant value from the engineering and logistics data they already use on a daily basis, by extracting intelligence from that data to improve competitiveness and lower costs across the entire supply chain.

CDG, a Boeing Company, is a world-class strategic partner providing industry-leading Engineering Solutions, Technical Documentation, Training Solutions, and Process Consulting to organizations in multiple industries. For more information, visit the CDG website at

Technology & Hardware Partners


BrightPlanet’s Deep Harvester technology provides a robust framework to harvest and populate domain-specific content silos of data from 1) the conventional (surface) Web, 2) the much larger more authoritative Deep Web, 3) proprietary data sources such as Lexis/Nexis, Dow Jones/Factiva, and 4) customers’ internal data sources. The Deep Harvester not only harvests mission critical data from structured data bases, but can harvest data from the geometrically growing store of unstructured information on the Web. Deep Harvesting Web data returns mission critical documents instead of simply returning the most popular links from conventional search such as Google or Yahoo!. Regardless of the source language, document encoding, format, or storage mechanism, BrightPlanet can harvest and normalize “unknown and hidden” content for full scope analytics…at the scale of the internet.

K3 Enterprises, Inc

K3 is an authorized reseller of Saffron’s Natural Intelligence Platform for US Government clients and customers. K3 is an innovative global conveyor of information solutions and related services, enhancing quality customer relationships while maintaining uncompromising principles. Saffron’s products and services can be purchased through K3′s current GSA schedule.

Rackspace Hosting

RackspaceĀ® Hosting is a member of the Saffron Natural Intelligence Network of global business partners, providing Saffron customers a portfolio of computer platforms for hosting the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform and related applications. Likewise, Saffron is an approved Channel Partner and a certified member of the Rackspace Partner Program. Rackspace is the world’s leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry, and the founder of OpenStack(TM), an open source cloud platform. The San Antonio-based company provides Fanatical SupportĀ® to its customers for its broad portfolio of IT services, including Managed Hosting and Cloud Computing. For more information, visit


Saffron uses SAP Text Analysis to identify the people, places and things in unstructured text before ingesting unstructured sources into SaffronMemoryBase. Saffron’s ability to unify unstructured data sources – such as text documents, html, email, and unstructured text within structured data sources – with transactional and other traditionally structured data sources creates an exploitable, unified knowledge base to apply to decision support, prediction and of course sense making.

Academic Partners

North Carolina State University, Department of
Computer Science

Saffron and North Carolina State University’s Department of Computer Science have joined forces in NCSU’s ePartner program. Through this collaborative effort Saffron is engaged with the North Carolina State University Department of Computer Science on a variety of interactions with this rich academic community including faculty and student interaction and engagement, joint project support and community development.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
Kenan Institute Center for Logistics and Technology

The Center for Logistics and Technology at UNC Chapel Hill helps clients build intelligent logistics processes that enable synchronized control over the extended global enterprise. Clients include companies in the aerospace, electronics transportation, automotive and defense industries, all complex industries that share a need to create intelligent visibility over the extended global supply chain. The Center for Logistics and Technology is working with Saffron’s Natural Intelligence Platform to apply Experience Management solutions for companies in the Aerospace, Manufacturing, Global Technology and Health Care industries, among others.