North Carolina-based TigerSwan and Saffron Technology offer true diligence; an enhanced business intelligence service for private equity, mergers and acquisitions departments, investment banks, accounting firms and other corporate interests.

The partnership with Saffron, which has provided risk analysis and predictive modeling software to government intelligence agencies, will be the latest advancement in TigerSwan‘s threat management service spectrum. Saffron’s advanced data analytics software and TigerSwan’s global network of experienced professionals now allow corporate clients to expand their international footprint with new enhanced business intelligence tools that decrease risks associated with operating in rapidly changing geopolitical and economic environments.
[pl_blockquote cite=”James Reese, Chief Executive Officer of TigerSwan.”]“During my career in Special Forces, Saffron was the software we used for our interagency intelligence operations, and we are excited to partner with them on this cutting edge service. As American businesses expand into new and unfamiliar global markets, there is an increased need for innovative approaches to mitigate vulnerabilities such as fraudulent entities, persons, and practices.”

Enhanced Business Intelligence tools used in national security now available to business.

Combining Saffron’s advanced data analytics software with TigerSwan’s threat-based analysis offers companies a strategic advantage and greater certainty in their global business operations.

By incorporating both artificial and human intelligence, TigerSwan and Saffron’s enhanced business intelligence provides the clarity necessary to make accurate assessments and decisions.
[pl_blockquote cite=”Manuel Aparicio, Chief Executive Officer of Saffron Technology.”]“We are delighted to team with TigerSwan to address the growing threats global businesses are experiencing to their reputations, facilities, networks and people. Our focus on solving problems of national security unifies us to take these same solutions to commercial businesses. Jim and his team demonstrate exceptional competency and creativity to quickly find and fix the broadest range of vulnerabilities, and Saffron extends this highly-intelligent capability through big data sense-making and decision-making solutions.”

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