SaffronAdvantage(TM) for Global Intelligence


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How does it work

Welcome to the new school of competitive advantage – SaffronAdvantage.

A data driven approach to gaining actionable insights faster than your competition, SaffronAdvantage unifies all the information in your company about customers, partners, and competitors, provides real-time situational awareness across your organization, and allows you to adapt with agility to changing market conditions, as information arrives. All in real time, on the fly, no rules, data scientists or query writers required.

Use Cases

SaffronAdvantage(TM) provides you the same strategic intelligence weapons used by national intelligence organizations to defend and protect.

Key applications for Global Market Risk Intelligence

  • Realtime sensemaking: Discover what is new or interesting without knowing what’s in the data.
  • Reduce time to know: 500,000 times faster than searching and reading documents.
  • Decision support: Up to 10X improvement in operational decision making for time to act.
  • Connection & similarity analysis: When, where have we seen this before? How does this news impact our current plans and forecasts?
  • Unify Data Sources: Handle internal and external data sources, private or public, for unified knowledge.
  • Unstructured data: Structured and unstructured, text, web content, structured records and transactions, news, social media and more.
  • Anticipation for volatile environments: Identify associative patterns in networks, in time and in space.

Watch SaffronAdvantage Demo

Request a personal demonstration of Saffron Advantage

Saffron Explained

“To make the best possible decisions, frontline decision makers need to bring all the available evidence to bear in the critical moment.”


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