What is so special about Saffron’s Associative Memory?

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Saffron Technology is dedicated to helping humans make smarter business decisions with our patented Associative Memories (AM), which work like the human brain, storing connections and counts and their context, but a thousand times faster... Saffron has overcome some important […]

Saffron Adds Ian Hersey, Pioneer in Natural Language Processing, as Chief Product Officer

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Hersey to focus on scaling Saffron’s capabilities, broadening its user base and building the next generation of its Natural Intelligence Platform Cary NC, April 8, 2014 – Saffron Technology, a cognitive computing company combining the genius of the brain with […]

A New Milestone

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Saffron Technology is focused on combining the genius methods of the human brain with the power of computing... Since investing in the company in 2006, I have had the opportunity to participate in Saffron’s growth and evolution... Today, years of […]

Saffron Technology Raises $7 million in Series B funding

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Additional funding will allow stronger brand presence, new HQ in Silicon Valley, and the expansion of customer-centric next generation service teams Cary, NC, March 20, 2014 – Saffron Technology, a cognitive systems company helping Fortune 1000 businesses understand the value […]

Helping Doctors Accurately Differentiate Heart Diseases from Echocardiography

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Cognitive computing describes an exciting new chapter in machine learning and is beginning to transform industries such as defense, security, and manufacturing...  Cognitive computing, as represented by unique next generation software platforms, designed and modeled after the human brain by […]

Classification for Higher Accuracy of Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis Using Saffron’s Supervised Learning

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We used one of the toughest examples in the clinical world where multivariable data is important for arriving at the correct diagnosis:  the differentiation of mechanical deformation patterns (measured by echo) seen in constrictive pericarditis vs... restrictive cardiomyopathy... Previous investigations […]

The Science Behind Saffron’s Cognitive Computing Platform

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The promise and limitations of cognitive computing (CD) have been widely discussed recently...  This blog attempts to show you how we can realize more of the promise by overcoming some important limitations, like scalability to Big Data or adding knowledge […]

Universal Cognitive Distance and Time: Tracking “Things” in Information Space

By Dr... Manuel Aparicio IV Cognitive Computing is defined as more brain-like and more human-like thinking...  This begs the question, “How do we reason?”  Douglas Hofstadler and Emmanuel Sander have written Surfaces and Essences: Analogy as the Fuel and Fire […]

Predictive Analytics or Cognitive Anticipation: What’s in Another Word? – Part 2

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By Dr... Manuel Aparicio IV When old words get stale and overloaded, new words can help reinvigorate our thinking...  Summarizing the references on anticipation from my last post, I think there are at least three elements of “anticipation” that help […]

Predictive Analytics or Cognitive Anticipation: What’s in a Word? – Part 1

By Dr... Manuel Aparicio IV Predictive Analytics is red hot! Last week, Saffron attended Predictive Analytics World, collocated with Text Analytics World... Chris Sailer from the Gates Foundation (a Saffron customer) presented “Predicting Threats For The Gates Foundation – Protecting […]

Big Data Requires Cognitive Computing for Model-Free Machine Learning

As I prepare for speaking next week at the Big Data Exchange in Berkeley, I am reminded of Gus Hunt’s opening words at GigaOM Structure Data in March 2013: “Big Data is so last year...” Well then, what is there […]

Avoid a Global Risk Crisis: 3 Considerations for the Board Level

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Intelligence collection, spying — getting the bad guys…we think of this as the stuff of Hollywood and Washington, DC but in reality intelligence collection and analysis is critical to winning in the private sector... What are your competitors up-to? Who […]

Saffron Unveils Enhanced, Cognitive Computing Platform “Natural Intelligence 2013”

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CARY, N...C..., May 14, 2013/PRNewsWire — Saffron Technology, Inc..., the leading global provider of cognitive computing platform solutions for anticipatory sensemaking, today announced the release of its Natural Intelligence Platform™ 2013, a universal, unified, and commercially matured approach to brain-like […]

Gayle Sheppard named CEO of Saffron Technology, Inc.

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CARY, N...C..., January 21/PRNewsWire — Saffron Technology, Inc..., a privately held disruptive big data analytics firm, announced today that industry veteran Gayle Sheppard has been named as Chief Executive Officer... She succeeds Dr... Manny Aparicio, co-founder of Saffron Technology, who will continue […]

TigerSwan and Saffron Form Strategic Alliance

Partnership To Deliver Enhanced Business Intelligence for Corporate America

Advanced data analytics. Can machines think like humans?

AI or advanced data analytics has been the dream of many sci-fi movie directors and business executive... But can machines really think like humans?

Saffron Technology’s real time data analytics transforming enterprise decision making

The amount of data has also increased exponentially, so companies of all sizes need to have real time data analytics tools to help them manage this...

Susan Bennett and CrossInnovation: solving problems of big data with Saffron Technology

One of the main challenges humans are facing globally is ‘decision fatigue’... Susan Bennett is a Senior Partner & co-founder of CrossInnovation, a company which addresses critical marketplace needs by re-purposing effective and tested technologies for their clients... One of […]

Big Data Facts. New waves of productivity, growth and innovation.

Analyzing big data will become a key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth, innovation

Enterprise Data Analytics to Embrace Realtime Intelligence

There was a time when a business’s customers met at an annual User Conference or chatted informally at corporate hosting events... These events still take place, but the world is changing... However good a business, there are always customers who […]

Handling Diverse Data for Decision Support: Brain Versus Computer

Dr Manuel Aparcio of Saffron Technology speaks about utilizing diverse data sets to aid decision support...

Saffron Technology secures patent for the Holy Grail of Big-Data Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics invention enables companies to analyze event patterns and predict future outcomes based on context-rich data

Redefining Data Analytics in uncertain times where efficiency in standardizing no longer applicable

Our models break at the edges, our rules are too rigid and cannot embrace the exceptions...

Associative Memories and Predictive Data Analytics – how they work together

Manny Aparicio with a new video on how predictive analytics and associative memories work together

Saffron Technology appoints digital transformation expert to Advisory Board

Digital process and information expert Keith Holdt will target European expansion for Saffron’s Big Data analytics offerings...

Decision Support Technology can Empower the Front Line [Video]

Dr Manuel Aparicio, on decision support for the front line...

Saffron Technology Launches All-Source Intelligence Analytics Platform

Big data analytics vendor announces 4 June 2012 release date for SaffronAdvantage(TM), a real time associative analytic platform for decision support, sense-making and prediction...

Saffron Technology secures patent for the Holy Grail of Big-Data Predictive Analytics

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Predictive analytics invention enables companies to analyze event patterns and predict future outcomes based on context-rich data... CARY, N...C..., May 21 /PRNewsWire — Saffron Technology, Inc..., a privately held big data software analytics firm has secured a patent for its new predictive analytics invention... […]

Big Data. How is it stored and analyzed? How the Saffron Associative Analytics Platform helps

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Paul Hofmann gives a brief overview for anyone from non-tech executives to analysts who want to understand big data storage, big data analytics, and the Saffron Associative Analytics Platform...

Artificial Intelligence: the answer to the data analytics challenge?

Companies are swimming, if not drowning, in wave after wave of data... But we need this data

Gartner: New Value Comes From Analyzing Diverse Data

Rita Sallam names Saffron Technology as one of a new breed of hybrid BI vendors able to handle and analyze structured and unstructured data

Sensemaking: From battlefield missions to retail stock out

In part 2 of this post, Dr Noel Greis describes how a Saffron application to help make real time decisions and manage transactions in the military supply chain can apply to the business world...

How Saffron delivered situational awareness to the battlefield for Boeing

In this two part post Dr Noel Greis describes an application using the Saffron Engine and battlefield sensors to help make real time decisions and manage transactions in the military supply chain...

Global logistics and supply-chain management expert, Dr. Noel Greis, joins Saffron Technology Executive Advisory Board

Dr... Greis is recognized for her work in connecting enterprises with the latest digital and BI technology to create data-driven businesses...

Economist Intelligence Unit: The future of business decision making is decentralized

According to a Ricoh sponsored study by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 63 per cent of business leaders predict a shift towards a more decentralised business model... Responsibility for decision making will move away from management to individual employees

Top SAP Labs Executive joins Saffron Technology

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Renowned AI expert, Dr... Paul Hofmann, joins Saffron Technology, as Chief Strategy Officer, from SAP Labs... CARY, N...C..., February 14 /PRNewsWire — Saffron Technology, Inc..., a privately held big data software analytics firm, announced the appointment of renowned Artificial Intelligence […]

Decision-makers aren’t using 80% of the most important data

Gartner has said current systems cannot capture the most important kinds of data we have... But what does this mean?

How We Know: Connection, Counts, and Context

How do we know?  How do we learn?  How do we think think? How can computers think more the way we do, so that they can fit to us rather than us adjust to them? Psychologists use a very consistent […]

Manny Aparicio joins thought leaders for the GE Energy Innovation Summit

Recently Manny Aparicio came together with other innovators in the energy sector for the GE Energy Summit... According to Innovation Summit Organizer and Saffron Adviser Sammy Haroon, the goal of the Summit was to deliver two innovative solutions for GE […]

You can’t read everything but we can

Data is being created on a real time, rapid basis... And if it is starting to influence the world that we live in...

We create personalized memories from for everything from vehicles to people

The arrival of ‘big data’ raises the need for big individualized memories to leverage all that available experience...

The Future of Anticipation. Unifying Unstructured and Structured Data

People are looking for the edge, where is the information that I can leverage to get ahead of the rest of the market? Unstructured data seems to be the untapped source, whether it is news, social or both... The Financial […]

The Velocity of Data

Forrester and Gartner have both talked about the small thinking about big data... Forrester also recently reported on Saffron regarding our approach for dealing with the diversity of data... The words ‘big’ and ‘data’ are the small thinking, a limitation... […]

National Security style data analytics for Small and Medium Enterprise

You have to first understand that there is a plethora of information locked away in unstructured sources... The ability to get to that data is somewhat convoluted... Saffron’s experience with national security pre-9/11 has highlighted this ‘big data’ problem particularly […]

Real world situations require real time decisions

Data is coming at us at an ever-increasing rate... Fundamental patterns in the data are changing, or need to be adaptive... From the business perspective, it is the pace of business that drives a requirement of being able to deal […]

Less than 20% of the operational decision making data you need is in your company database

Decision-making is based on a history of business intelligence that has been built up over time and is in a company’s data warehouse... Donald Feinberg of Gartner has concluded that the decision-makers aren’t using 80% of the information out there […]

Business Intelligence without rules sees 10 to 20 times return on mission

Natural approach sees 10 to 20 times return on mission... When people make decisions, we recall our past experiences to find the analogies and similarities... What was like this situation? What was different? What did I do? How did it […]

Saffron featured in Forrester Report

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“It’s The Dawning Of The Age Of BI DBMS” (June 3, 2011) states that “agility and flexibility challenges now represent BI’s next big opportunity,” and asserts that current BI technologies “fall short in the ever-faster race of changing business requirements...”

Dr Manuel Aparicio at ThinkTech

ThinkTech 2011 – How Technology Drives the New Economy Thursday, September 15 from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm ThinkTech, NCTA’s fall conference in Charlotte, is an annual technology forum that brings together top executives to highlight how technology drives business... […]

About Associative Memory

Saffron’s Associative Memory-based approach is inspired by Natural Intelligence... It’s about understanding your Experience...

Exploiting the Experience in your data

Imagine a Decision Support tool where you have, at-the-ready, your entire organization’s Experience about all prior decisions your company has ever made – and their outcomes – good, bad or ugly... With Saffron … you do... Saffron helps you squeeze […]

National Security: IED’s in Iraq

While applicable in virtually any business environment, Sense Making is well known for its value in military Intelligence analysis...

Customer Defined Solutions in Experience Management

Our customers apply the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform in a variety of ways... If your data is complex and large, if you have disparate data sources within which your experience resides, or if your questions don’t organize themselves in neat, orderly, unchanging “rules,” Saffron can help...

Saffron’s BI Capabilities Featured in New Analyst Report

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Independent Research Firm Cites Saffron’s Capability to Leverage Decisions and Experience;  Free Copy of Available for Download CARY, NC – July 14, 2011  — Saffron Technology, Inc..., a privately-held data analytics software firm providing Natural Intelligence solutions for business and […]

Saffron Teams with SAP, Rackspace Hosting

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Saffron Technology forms two new strategic partnerships to make adoption of the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform(TM) easier, less costly for Saffron customers worldwide

Saffron Adds Seasoned Business Executives to Advisory Board

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Broad Expertise in Business, Technology, Industry and Innovation comes with Messrs... Haile, Haroon, Jones and Veja CARY, NC – March 15, 2011  — Saffron Technology, Inc..., a privately-held data analytics software firm providing Natural Intelligence1 solutions for business and government, today […]

CDG Forms Partnership with Saffron Technology

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CDG, a Boeing Company, Becomes First to Offer Saffron’s Associative Memory Solutions into Worldwide Aerospace & Defense Industry   CYPRESS, CA & CARY, NC – March 2, 2011 — CDG, a Boeing Company and Saffron Technology, Inc..., a privately-held software […]

Top Analyst Identifies Saffron as a ‘Cool Vendor’

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Vendors selected for “Cool Vendors” report are Innovative, Impactful, and Intriguing   Leading Analyst Firm Names Saffron Technology as 2010 “Cool Vendor” in Information Infrastructure for Enterprise Information Management CARY, North Carolina, May 4, 2010  — Saffron Technology, Inc..., a […]

National Security and Defense Vendor Saffron Technology Names Gayle Sheppard Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC–February 14, 2007–Saffron Technology, the innovator in Entity and Predictive Analytic solutions for National Security and Defense announced today that enterprise software industry veteran Gayle Sheppard was elected to the role of Executive Chairman of the Board […]