A New Milestone

20 March 2014
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Saffron Technology is focused on combining the genius methods of the human brain with the power of computing. Since investing in the company in 2006, I have had the opportunity to participate in Saffron’s growth and evolution.

Today, years of collaboration between some of the most talented experts in the field of cognitive computing is rewarded as we announced a major round of funding. This strategic investment will enable us to scale our business across the board and develop the next generation of our cognitive computing platform to better support experience-based decision making. This is an exciting time for Saffron Technology and the beginning of a new era.

A New Era

Throughout our history, Saffron Technology has worked with innovative, data driven businesses who tried traditional approaches before finding Saffron. These early adopters spurred the evolution of Saffron’s patented Natural Intelligence Platform. With their help, we have created a scalable, integrated solution that unifies data from disparate sources. Our technology learns in real-time as data arrives to connect the dots between people, places and things automatically and to understand the frequency of these connections and their context. This is the underlying basis of knowledge that humans use to reason, and represents the enduring knowledge base that we capture in our platform.

Our work in national security after September 11, 2001, gave us the opportunity to collaborate with brilliant minds in the intelligence community. Their challenges were among the most difficult we’ve ever addressed, and led us to important breakthroughs in the associative memory and similarity analytics that power Saffron’s Natural Intelligence today.

Since 2006, and thanks to the support of strong believers in our technology, we have been able to extend our reach to new customers and markets and prove the business value of our technology across industries, including manufacturing, healthcare and energy.

The rapid expansion of Big Data today represents an amazing opportunity for all businesses across industries to better understand their environment, inside and outside the organization. However, even when they have the capabilities to store Big Data, most still need the technology to make sense of this knowledge and inform their decisions. Saffron brings to Big Data the incredible ability of the human mind to find meaning in data, but at a scale that far exceeds human capabilities.

Like the human brain, Saffron takes in information from all sources without using any rules or models. It uses the power of memory to reason by association, comparing past experience and knowledge to detect patterns and anticipate the future. With each new experience, Saffron builds more memories, learns from outcomes and makes new connections, giving organizations the ability to address new situations in profound and creative ways.

I believe that cognitive computing will soon become the new standard for decision-making. The Saffron team will continue our relentless efforts to give organizations access to previously untapped knowledge. We have made and will continue to make our mission to help every business benefit from the power of the knowledge in their data. 2014 will be a year of many opportunities for Saffron and our customers, and I look forward to working with them and our extremely talented team to deliver on this promise.

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