Gartner: New Value Comes From Analyzing Diverse Data

Rita Sallam names Saffron Technology as one of a new breed of hybrid BI vendors able to handle and analyze structured and unstructured data

Sensemaking: From battlefield missions to retail stock out

In part 2 of this post, Dr Noel Greis describes how a Saffron application to help make real time decisions and manage transactions in the military supply chain can apply to the business world...

Decision-makers aren’t using 80% of the most important data

Gartner has said current systems cannot capture the most important kinds of data we have... But what does this mean?

The Future of Anticipation. Unifying Unstructured and Structured Data

People are looking for the edge, where is the information that I can leverage to get ahead of the rest of the market? Unstructured data seems to be the untapped source, whether it is news, social or both... The Financial […]

National Security style data analytics for Small and Medium Enterprise

You have to first understand that there is a plethora of information locked away in unstructured sources... The ability to get to that data is somewhat convoluted... Saffron’s experience with national security pre-9/11 has highlighted this ‘big data’ problem particularly […]

Less than 20% of the operational decision making data you need is in your company database

Decision-making is based on a history of business intelligence that has been built up over time and is in a company’s data warehouse... Donald Feinberg of Gartner has concluded that the decision-makers aren’t using 80% of the information out there […]

Business Intelligence without rules sees 10 to 20 times return on mission

Natural approach sees 10 to 20 times return on mission... When people make decisions, we recall our past experiences to find the analogies and similarities... What was like this situation? What was different? What did I do? How did it […]

Exploiting the Experience in your data

Imagine a Decision Support tool where you have, at-the-ready, your entire organization’s Experience about all prior decisions your company has ever made – and their outcomes – good, bad or ugly... With Saffron … you do... Saffron helps you squeeze […]