Big Data Requires Cognitive Computing for Model-Free Machine Learning

As I prepare for speaking next week at the Big Data Exchange in Berkeley, I am reminded of Gus Hunt’s opening words at GigaOM Structure Data in March 2013: “Big Data is so last year...” Well then, what is there left to say? Hunt’s point is that big data methods may help us understand what’s going on in the world; however, new approaches are needed in order to extract value […]

Saffron Unveils Enhanced, Cognitive Computing Platform “Natural Intelligence 2013”

Posted by on May 13, 2013 in News, Press Releases

CARY, N...C..., May 14, 2013/PRNewsWire — Saffron Technology, Inc..., the leading global provider of cognitive computing platform solutions for anticipatory sensemaking, today announced the release of its Natural Intelligence Platform™ 2013, a universal, unified, and commercially matured approach to brain-like thinking where customers “find without knowing” to see the connections and similarities between the dots that matter and to anticipate what will happen next... Natural Intelligence Platform 2013 includes SaffronMemoryBase®, […]

TigerSwan and Saffron Form Strategic Alliance

Partnership To Deliver Enhanced Business Intelligence for Corporate America

Advanced data analytics. Can machines think like humans?

AI or advanced data analytics has been the dream of many sci-fi movie directors and business executive... But can machines really think like humans?

Saffron Technology’s real time data analytics transforming enterprise decision making

The amount of data has also increased exponentially, so companies of all sizes need to have real time data analytics tools to help them manage this...