Saffron Unveils Enhanced, Cognitive Computing Platform “Natural Intelligence 2013”

13 May 2013
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CARY, N.C., May 14, 2013/PRNewsWire — Saffron Technology, Inc., the leading global provider of cognitive computing platform solutions for anticipatory sensemaking, today announced the release of its Natural Intelligence Platform™ 2013, a universal, unified, and commercially matured approach to brain-like thinking where customers “find without knowing” to see the connections and similarities between the dots that matter and to anticipate what will happen next.

Natural Intelligence Platform 2013 includes SaffronMemoryBase®, inspired by the associative structure and function of real neural systems, SaffronAdmin™ for ETL and system management, and the new addition of SaffronAdvantage™, Saffron’s end-user associative analytics solution to help analysts and knowledge workers better connect and illuminate the dots that matter.

“SaffronMemoryBase V9 builds upon Version 8 which established a breakthrough in the distributed key:value storage of the networks of associative memory networks, including real-time ingestion and real-time query through stream-based map reduce” explained Dr. Manuel Aparicio, Chief Memory Maker and cofounder. “Continuing forward, Version 9 supports both transactional and eventually consistent data ingestion for larger scale. Performance and scaling results prove linear scalability, real-time processing and record-breaking storage efficiency of unified semantic and statistical knowledge at big scale.”

Jim Fleming, Saffron’s cofounder, Chief Software Engineer and leader of Version 9 said,

“We are passionate about insuring our customers and partners a simplified development platform with lower costs of system care and feeding. Our goal is to eliminate the long lead times and excessive costs of data and system integration. We remove these issues so customers achieve the rapid time to value of Saffron’s memory-base approach.”

In addition to a variety of ETL utilities and system management functions, direct ETL attachment to email, Open Office attachments, and Twitter streams are included in Natural Intelligence Platform 2013.

A SaffronAdvantage early adopter customer says

“SaffronAdvantage democratizes advanced analytics, allowing our users to easily ‘connect the dots’ and to ‘find without knowing’ to understand “Who is connected to whom?” or “Who is similar to whom?”.

SaffronAdvantage includes real-time discovery and diagnostics – both end user-driven and automated. Reporting features exploit the advanced predictive capabilities of SaffronMemoryBase. SaffronAvantage’s early adopters include Global 1000, not-for-profit and national security organizations.

Saffron’s CEO, Gayle Sheppard, sums it up,

“This is an eventful release for our customers and partners. Natural Intelligence Platform 2013 presents a proven, commercial cognitive computing platform where our customers receive immediate value from insights into emerging, real time, associated patterns across public and private data sources. Partners now have a cognitive computing platform on which to build next generation applications to deliver new value to customers. And Saffron is poised for leadership in cognitive computing systems.”

For more information on the development back story and use cases and performance measurements, download Dr. Aparicio’s white paper , “Your Brain is Cognitive (Not a Database)” at www.saffrontech.com.

About Saffron Technology, Inc.

Saffron, founded in 1999, brings the simplicity of brain-like thinking to big data analytics through its cognitive computing platform, “Natural Intelligence Platform 2013”. Based on “associative memory” – the same way our brains remember connections and similarities in the world around us – Saffron develops and delivers Anticipatory Sense-Making and Predictive Analytics to help our customers exploit data-driven intelligence to drive new and greater value to their customers and organizations.

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