The World of Experience

Saffron was created to make data analysis easier. For everyone.

Less machine-like, and more “brain-like.”

People every day gain thoughtful inspiration from their given natural intelligence. We learn how things are related when we observe them together, or in sequence. We remember coincidences and their connections. And we reason from our own experience of how things are connected.

We believe business data analysis should work the same way human experience does: It should learn from direct observation of its “world,” and leverage Natural Intelligence to solve problems by applying the actual Experience residing within the data.

At Saffron, our Mission is to help customers and partners develop powerful applications to better manage the worlds of data they rely on for answers.

If your world is a place where the data is growing in scale and complexity, and where better analysis and decision-making is critical, then start making your Experience accessible.

Learn more. It could make a world of difference in your business performance.

“We’ve tried, and we can’t build what Saffron has.”
— Global Enterprise Software Company

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