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Experience Management: New Turf in the Data Analytics Category

For a long time, business executives and IT professionals alike have wanted a data analysis solution that’s smart and intuitive enough to provide answers you did not even know were available.

Something that works in the same way people’s brains do.

Something that can look at today’s sea of unconnected data, and connect it, analyze it, give it meaning, context and value.

Something for enabling better customer recommendations; achieving faster, more accurate causality analysis; attaining improved decision support; or predicting more logical outcomes.

All while not overlooking any variables, yet remembering absolutely everything.

That “something” is your Experience. And your Experience is what’s in your data.

The software market has long had data management tools, and decision support tools, search tools and content management tools, BI tools, data mining tools, reporting tools and knowledge management tools.

But it’s never had an “Experience Management” tool – until now.

Saffron’s patented Associative Memory-based architecture and Natural Intelligence approach to human decision-making incorporate two essential elements of Associative Memory theory – Memory-based Reasoning, and Memory-based Representation.

Saffron’s essential difference comes from how the two are brought together in Experience Management applications.

ex·pe·ri·ence - ik-’spir-?-?n(t)s noun

1 a: direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge b: the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation

Memory-based Reasoning

In contrast to Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Reasoning, there is a growing belief that “real” intelligence is based on memory.

And real experience is based on intelligence.

For example, great physicians are great because they are wise. They are experienced and they reason about one case based on their memory (knowledge) of past cases. Likewise, good lawyers, teachers, commanders, foremen, and virtually all experts become experts by learning from their experience.

Capturing experience and reasoning appears to be the better description of human intelligence. And at Saffron it guides us in how we approach software development: Make data analytics solutions smarter, so they can work harder, do more to help us.

SaffronMemoryBase, the centerpiece of the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform, incorporates pre-packaged Reasoning Methods for analysis such as Connections, Analogies, Networks, Classifications, and Temporal Trends and Episodes Analysis, all to support the rapid deployment of Natural Intelligence for Sense Making and Decision Support applications.

Memory-based Representation

A memory stores experiences about how everything is related to everything else. The number of associations we experience and store in the human brain is enormous, but interestingly, storing all such relationships in a computer has, until now, been impractical at scale.

Because of this limitation, Artificial Intelligence and statistical methods have opted for data reductionist approaches to modeling, trying to capture as much information as possible within abstract models such as logical rules and statistical formulas.

Models answer, “What few rules of practice capture most of the information for making decisions?” or “What consumer groups capture most of the information to predict their behavior?” The inherent weakness in a model and rules-based approach is that information is lost when the systems try to make such abstractions and generalities, plus they tend to be inaccurate – especially when it comes to managing exceptions to the rules.

To overcome this problem, Saffron developed its products based upon a simple idea – that information is captured in simple associations. Using a patented Associative Memory-based approach, Saffron captures and uses millions and potentially billions of such associations by compressing them into a usable representation that includes all the connections plus the frequency counts of these associations.

Whereas rules-based and statistical approaches try to capture the most information in a few abstracted terms, Saffron captures much more information across all the data by compressions of these associative terms. Saffron’s way of storing information is new; it is optimized for representing and recalling associations – the native representation of knowledge.

We learn how things are related when we see them together or in sequence; we naturally remember their co-occurrences. With our memories or experiences, we are able to reason, anticipate, choose and predict. As in human experience, SaffronMemoryBase captures the existence and frequency of direct observations of our worlds, as expressed in the data we capture. With Saffron’s Reasoning Methods, you can put Saffron to work for Sense Making, Decision Support and Predictive Analytics.

Saffron Technology and its products and services reflect the result of our efforts to turn this fundamental idea into products of measurable value to customers.

The Bottom Line

With the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform, your data actually becomes more than … just data. It’s more than information, more than knowledge, more than intelligence. It’s Experience. That is what your data becomes after it’s been ingested into SaffronMemoryBase, and transformed by way of Associative Memory technology. Then, an entire new world opens up to your decision-makers – a world in which they can discover far more useful answers faster than they ever could before with traditional data analytics tools or search / analytics engines.

In short, its ability to apply your Experience and know more than before about any situation is what’s different about Saffron Technology’s data analytics solutions.

The Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform is the first commercially available data analytics solution built on Associative Memory technology. But that’s not to say it’s brand new; we’ve been working in the National Security arena since our inception in 1999, and continue to do so. And now, we are aggressively bringing this proven solution to key industries in the commercial sector, while partnering with universities and corporations to accelerate innovation.

We invite you to learn more about what your Experience can do for you. We’re not out to change the entire world – just YOUR world.

Start getting to know what your data knows.

There’s a World of Experience in there.