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London Transit Bombing Demo: See how SaffronAdvantage quickly identifies unknown connections and insights from Reuters News content. Saffron’s sense-making capabilities empower you to quickly analyze all your data and automatically find relevant connections and in context – even when you don’t know exactly what to ask.

Lehman Bankruptcy Demo: Often business’s need to analyze thousands of pieces of new information, decide its impact on the business, and what action to take for the most favorable outcome. In this example we will demonstrate the ability to do rapid sense making using the Examiners’ Report on the Lehman Bankruptcy published in March of 2010.


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Sense Making Capabilities:

  • Unify Data – structured, unstructured, social, text, email, transactions
  • Connect all people, places and things in context automatically
  • Count all the connections for statistical relevance
  • Real time situational awareness of new and interesting connections
  • Analyze Patterns and Trends including:
    • Networks – who/what is connected to who/what, how, why
    • Similarities – who/what is similar to whom/what
    • Temporal trends – associations trending together in time
    • Episodes – association repeating in fixed time intervals

Sense Making Applications

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Due “True” Diligence
  • eDiscovery Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Medical Research
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Security Intelligence
  • Social Media Intelligence