At Saffron, “Natural Intelligence” is far more than an intellectual concept or part of a platform brand name; it encapsulates our entire business philosophy for what data analysis is, should be, and how it should work.








It’s the very energy that drives us. The solution needs to work the way we work connect things the same way we do.

For example, a new situation may remind us of a similar experience we had in the past. We then recall other memories of people, places, things, actions, or outcomes that are likely connected with that experience. But we can also imagine what’s missing, or notice what’s different compared with what we already know.

We believe business data analysis should work the same way.

At Saffron, our Mission is to help customers and partners develop powerful applications using the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform, fast, easily and cost-effectively. Current customers are applying their organization’s Experience using our Natural Intelligence-based solutions for intelligent sense making, operational decision support, social influence analysis, consumer brand analysis, geo-political risk analysis, predictive analytics, and more.

How can Saffron be applied in your world?

Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform

The Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform performs three important functions:

  • Adapting disparate data for ingestion into SaffronMemoryBase
  • Representing, recalling and navigating SaffronMemoryBase, and
  • Applying Reasoning methods for getting your Experience out of SaffronMemoryBase

Here’s a high-level snapshot of the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform.

How it works

  • Ingests and “reads” data from DataBases (both structured and unstructured data)
  • Observes all associations amongst entities and attributes and their frequencies
  • Attributes are all words other than entities less words such as “a”, “in”, “the”, etc
  • Keeps counts of number of times it observes an association — strength of the link
  • Can manage at least a billion entities, can be millions of attributes for each entity
  • Nearly infinite scalability — just add more machines
  • Operates in real time as new data is streamed to it — not batch processing
  • Not traditional search — go directly to entities in question
  • No required fixed schema or metadata, but will use whatever is there
  • Query response time in sub-seconds to seconds independent of MemoryBase size
  • Can provide user access control at the association (link) level
  • Runs on standard PC Servers

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