The Intelligence of Every

Saffron combines the power of computing with brain-like intelligence to make sense of data and anticipate future trends and events. See how we do it.

The Intelligence of Every
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CEO and Founder of TigerSwan, James Reese, retired from the heralded “Delta Force” in 2007, after 25 years as a decorated combat leader. He was called one of the finest “special operators in the modern military,” by the Commander of Coalition Forces of Iraq and Afghanistan. See why he describes the Saffron platform as "Oz".

Saffron as
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James Reese
The 4th Revolution

Every technology revolution creates a subsequent productivity revolution. And while the latest embedded software revolution has created countless benefits, its product and lifecycle complexity has also created a host of new issue and defect resolution challenges. See how SaffronStreamline was born of this revolution.

Built for the 4th Revolution
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