Fighting Money Laundering is a key challenge that has led to $361B in fines over the last 10 years.


Intel Saffron AML Advisor uses explainable Associative Memory AI to accelerate path to decision for investigators and analysts.

Associative Memory Artificial Intelligence in Action

Find knowledge wherever it is

Intel Saffron AML Advisor unifies structured and unstructured data linked into a 360-degree view at the individual entity level, to make sense of the patterns found across boundaries wherever the data is stored. This derives knowledge that is hard to gain with vendor and database proliferation of point solutions.

Augment resources

Intel Saffron AML Advisor reduces the human cognitive burden through automation thought processes that work with and for the investigator allowing them to focus on higher value activities.

Accelerate path to decision

Unlike traditional machine learning methods, Intel Saffron AML Advisor doesn’t require domain specific models nor training and retraining, resulting in improving the time to insight. The financial services industry faces the challenge of “What will be important tomorrow?”. In this dynamic landscape, actionable insights realized in hours or days rather than weeks or months is an imperative.

Address regulatory compliance

Banks collect the data necessary to comply with multiple regulations, but often must pay non-compliance fines in the billions due to human error or missed deadlines. Intel Saffron AML Advisor explains the rationale behind the recommendations to help banks meet compliance, mitigating fines and countless hours reworking reports.

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“We're excited to be working with Intel Saffron on truly bleeding edge technology that will enable us to understand our customers far better than we ever have before and help them make smarter decisions. By staying at the forefront of AI, we can help ensure we have access to the latest, innovative technologies that enhance our business.” David Bullock, Director of Products and Technology, Bank of New Zealand
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