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Intel® Saffron™ AI For Manufacturing, Software Development and Aerospace

Faster quality and maintenance issue resolution with AI-augmented decision making

Why Intel Saffron AI

Has this issue occurred before? What part was used to repair this equipment failure in the past? Who on my team has the tribal knowledge to fix it? Will it happen again?

By uncovering hidden connections in vast array of data, Intel Saffron AI provides tech-op teams with insights to help answer their key operational questions.

Tap into structured and unstructured text data from various sources

Provides explainable recommendations and results

Support one-shot learning without statistical models

Works with the data you have: small, sparse or incomplete

Benefits by industry



  • Increase asset uptime
  • Improve issue resolution efficiency
  • Boost product quality and customer satisfaction
  • Optimize supply chain


  • Increase plane uptime
  • Move unplanned maintenance to planned
  • Classify issues faster and more accurately to meet regulatory requirements
  • Optimize supply chain


  • Reduce overhead cost by eliminating bug duplicates
  • Propagate tribal knowledge across teams and regions
  • Speed time to market