Intel® Saffron™ AI For Aerospace

Empowering tech ops teams to make confident AI-augmented decisions for faster and more efficient problem resolution and reporting

In aerospace, the stakes are high when AOG (Aircraft On Ground) is taking place. How to get an aircraft back in the air quickly and efficiently? Discover how our software gives tech ops teams access to the tribal knowledge from past incidences and helps them classify unplanned maintenance incidents quickly and accurately.


Faster and more accurate issue classification

Challenge: A renowned aircraft manufacturer looked to improve how it managed spare part inventory for 15,000 out-of-production aircraft. As parts would need to be produced on demand, with lead times up to six months, it was essential to predict need ahead of time.

Solution: By classifying part repairs and defects, Intel® Saffron™ AI was able to predict part life-spans and anticipate future spare part needs by class. Furthermore, using past outcomes, it was able to identify available substitute parts that did not require fabrication. The manufacturer reduced part decision time from 4 hours on average to in average 5 minutes, and locate part suppliers faster.

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  • Increase aircraft uptime
  • Faster issue resolution time
  • Optimize supply chain and inventory
  • Help meet key FAA regulatory requirement
  • Lower risk and liability


Suite is comprised of two software applications:

Similarity Advisor

Finds the closest match to the issue under review, across both resolved and open cases, identifying paths to resolution from previous cases and surfacing duplicates to reduce backlogs

Classification Advisor

Automatically classifies work orders into pre-set categories, regular mandated or self-defined, to speed up and increase accuracy of reporting and improve operations planning

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