Intel® Saffron™ AI For Manufacturing

Resolve manufacturing issues faster and more efficiently with data‑driven decision support

The sheer number of reported defects can be overwhelming in complex manufacturing. How to identify issues that are in fact the same problem? How to classify issues more quickly and accurately? Explore how our software helps tech ops teams in their daily work.


Improve time to market, optimize QA process

Challenge: With each release of a new chip platform, Intel® needs to manage a sizable population of issues. This data is difficult to consolidate and make sense of. Which issues are duplicated? Which similar problems had previously been solved?

Solution: Intel® Saffron™ AI looks into structured data and free form text to speed up path to resolution for engineers. This not only saved Intel® time, it also improved the overall quality of chip designs—an improvement that is difficult to put a price tag on.

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KEY Manufacturing BENEFITS

  • Decrease issue backlogs
  • Improve issue resolution efficiency
  • Boost product quality
  • Optimize supply chain
  • Eliminate duplicate work


Suite is comprised of two software applications:

Similarity Advisor

Finds the closest match to the issue under review, across both resolved and open cases, identifying paths to resolution from previous cases and surfacing duplicates to reduce backlogs

Classification Advisor

Automatically classifies work orders into pre-set categories, regular mandated or self-defined, to speed up and increase accuracy of reporting and improve operations planning

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