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Introducing Intel® Saffron™ Quality And Maintenance Decision Support Suite

Faster, more confident decisions for tech ops teams in aerospace, manufacturing and software

Solving Quality and Maintenance Problems with AI

Learn how a combination of cutting-edge AI approaches—known as complementary learning—can help your company increase uptime, reduce risk, stop over-maintenance of assets, and fix defects sooner. Interviews with companies spanning industries, including Accenture, Keystone, and Intel, demonstrate how these AI-powered PQM solutions impact businesses today.

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Intel Saffron Ai Quality And Maintenance Decision Support Suite

With associative memory learning and reasoning at its core, our suite of AI-powered software applications identify connections, patterns and trends across data sets to build transparent and auditable recommendations that drive faster and more confident human decisions.

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Intel® Saffron™ AI for Financial Services Industry

Derive hidden insights from your data to fight financial crime without replacing existing analytics tools.

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April 10-12, 2018

Come learn how we help the Aerospace industry leverage artificial intelligence to get to informed quality and maintenance decisions.

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February 20, 2018

Learn about data label creation for contextual change from our Senior Director, Dr. Brian Womack

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